PokiiMap By Kii Dev


Pokiimap is not working right now, stay tuned for more updates.


PokiiMap is basically PokeVision on Android, an app to help you san for pokemons in a map, because it’s really important to catch’em all!

PokiiMap is a 3rd party PokemonGO client that is not affilicated with Niantic. Please read warnings and use at your own risks

PokiiMap is NOT a PokemonGo bot, it will NOT perform ANY actions AUTOMATICALLY without you pressing some buttons first. You can catch/loot in PokiiMap but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THEM. If you don’t enable and use catch/loot, PokiiMap is just very full featured pokemon scanner app.

If you just want to use it, get the latest release HERE


PokiiMap is one of the most featured PokemonGO scanner for Android, you should be able to find any feature that other android scanners have in PokiiMap. Here are some highlights:

  • Multiple accounts (Google or PTC accounts)
  • Scan pokemons
  • Pokemons notifications
  • Check pokemon inventories, show IV and other stats of the pokemons in your accounts
  • Live maps
  • Catch/loot (UNSAFE, advanced feature, disabled by default)
  • Sniping (UNSAFE, advanced feature, disabled by default)