Pokiimap is not working right now, stay tuned for more updates.

PokiiMap is available in “full” and “human” versions.

ANY 3rd party tools have a chance of being detected, use them at your own risk. The ‘human’ version is safer because it does not use the primary account for anything but Pokiibank. Only scan accounts are used for scanning.

What is the difference between FULL and HUMAN version?

HUMAN version does NOT use your primary account for ANYTHING other than display your pokemons in PokiiBank. It’s considered a safe way of using a 3rd party app. FULL version gives you all the “non-human” features the API can provide, looting, catching, etc.

Please read the getting started documentation to understand the differences between scan accounts and primary accounts.

Full version

Download the latest release here FULL VERSION

alternative download: [From apkmirror]

Human version

Download the latest release here HUMAN VERSION

alternative download: [Human version From apkmirror]